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In 2006 I found myself without a ride and decided to purchase a new Sportster to
resolve that problem. I have always loved Sportsters going back to the 1960's when
they were often used for bobbers and choppers.

Of course as sometimes happens fate intervenes and my wife, a ceramic artist,
wanted to go to a ceramic workshop in Italy that summer so I ended up using my
"motorcycle" fund to send her to the workshop. This was just a temporary setback
and I simply deferred the purchase until 2007. I didn't think much about it until I
brought it up with a friend at work that mentioned that Harley Davidson was going to
produce a limited edition 50th Anniversary Sportster, the XL-50, where production
was going to be limited to just 2000 numbered motorcycles. Obviously "fate"
intended for me to purchase one of these Sportsters. I immediately decided that I
would order one for delivery on my birthday in April 2007.

Acting on that impulse I went down to my local Harley Davidson dealer to place the
order. This was about August of 2006 as I recall. I knew the salesman so, holding the
picture in hand, I said, "Order this for me." My heart sank when he went online and
informed me that Harley Davidson was "sold out" and no more of the XL-50's could be
ordered. Just when I thought all was lost he then followed up by saying, "We just got
one in this weekend and it just made it to the showroom floor today." Without even
walking over to look at it I said, "Will you take $1000 down and I'll take delivery on
my birthday next April?" He said sure and the paperwork was drawn up. The die was
cast and I began dropping in at the dealer about once a month to drop off about
$1000 at a time to reduce how much I'd owe when I took possession.

Of course fate intervened once again and I didn't make it to my birthday. February
17th, a Saturday, dawned bright and clear with temperatures expected to reach about
70 degrees. It also happened that I was going down to the dealer to drop of another
$1000 and also decided to get the loan for the balance pre-approved as my birthday
was less than two months away. No sooner did I get home and shut the door and the
phone began to ring and I also heard a friend ride up on his Harley. Picking up the
phone the Harley dealer informed me that my loan was approved and when would I
like to pick up the motorcycle. I opened the door and asked my friend if he would
take me down and pick it up so we could go for a ride. Of course he said yes so I
didn't make it to my birthday but I've been riding my XL-50 Sportster since February
17,2007 and it is a wonderful ride. I have no plans of ever selling it.