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Products For Street 500/750
Street 500
Street 750
Horn Installation Kit
P/N SFM-301
(S&H $6.95)
Kit includes bracket with
hand tapped horn mounting
holes for easy installation
plus all necessary hardware
Relocate the (ugly cheap looking)
stock horn from it's stock
location sticking out on the left
side of the motorcycle to a
semi-hidden location behind the
radiator. An easy installation
that really improves the look of
your Street 500 or Street 750.
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Stock Horn Installation
Horn relocated to inside of frame
Patent Pending 62074986
Grill Replacement Kit
P/N SFM-201
(S&H $6.95)
Kit includes new aluminum
replacement grill, all
hardware required, and easy
installation instructions.
Our aluminum replacement
grill not only improves the
appearance of your Street
500/750 but also adds
protection. The stock plastic
grill has larger holes that
can allow rocks picked up by
the front tire to damage the
radiator core.
Part Number: SFM-301
Street 500/750
Chrome Horn Kit
Street 500/750
Chrome Horn
Installation Kit
P/N SFM-302

$29.95(S&H FREE)

Sometimes a good idea just doesn't go over with others.
The Chrome Horn Kit falls into the category.
Even though we like it, and it's something we're going
to use on our bobber project Street 500 it didn't sell.
So we're going to sell our existing stock for only $29.95.
Kit includes horn and bracket pre-assembled for ease of
installation plus all necessary hardware. Easy to follow
instructions for removal of the stock horn and installation
of the new chrome horn are provided in the kit