Welcome to
"Stone Free II - A Tribute to Inspiration"

The "Stone Free II - A Tribute to Inspiration" project was never intentional and has evolved into more
than just a tribute to inspiration to become the manifestation of inspiration itself.

On Thanksgiving in 2013 my only brother, six-years my elder, passed away.  Being older he lead the
way for me in so many ways. He was a motorcycle racer, custom car and motorcycle builder,
successful business man that loved life and nature, and he shared that with all that knew him and
none more so than with me. He inspired me by what he accomplished in life and what he cherished
and much of what he'd accomplished later lead to my
own accomplishments.

He'd been a motorcycle racer and later was involved in sprint car racing both as a sponsor and team
member. I became involved on local NASCAR racing and also sponsored a championship
race car team. He had build show cars and motorcycles winning many trophies  Of course he wasn't
always the "leader" but often he was and he was unquestionably the most inspirational individual in
my life.

As some might have already guessed both my brother and I were inspired by Jimi Hendrix as"Stone
Free" is a song with significant philosophical meaning on many levels for both of us .
At my brother's memorial service a picture was displayed that I didn't recall even though I was in it.
That picture and the story behind it is shared on the "History" page linked above.

To my knowledge my brother built the very first rigid frame motorcycle "choppers" in 1970 using the
Honda CB 750 engine that had been introduced into the United States in 1969.   By coincidence
Harley-Davidson is introducing the new Street 750 motorcycle in the spring of 2014. Somehow our
brain connects the dots and it dawned on me that if I put two and two together I could build a
custom 2014 750cc rigid frame show chopper  inspired by my brother's building of  his custom
chopper . I have the skills to do the work as well as friends to help out so there were no barriers to
that. But the inspiration didn't stop there.

In envisioning the Stone Free II motorcycle I've told the entire story to others and they've also
become inspired by the story and they have become involved as well. Their excitement actually
increased my excitement and it's been building daily. It dawned on me that inspiration is contagious
and it affects us all in a positive manner.

This project is no longer about just me or my brother. It's about all of us and our sharing in an
experience. Contact me for more information on how you can become a part of this exceptional

Thanks for visiting today.