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The "Stone Free Helmet" is the inspiration for the paint
scheme on the Stone Free II tribute motorcycle project. It was
painted by my older brother in about 1969 and the name "Stone
Free" comes from the Jimi Hendrix song of that name. My
brother was a huge Jimi Hendrix fan and loved the lyrics of
that song. The American shield on the helmet is from a WW I
American shield and, of course, the gold leaf Zig Zag Man
represents something else that was common at the time and
currently being legalized in to some degree in the United
States today. We've adopted the same WW I American Shield as
a part of our company logo.

The Stone Free II tribute motorcycle is going to embrace this
same color scheme with white, blue, red and black pearl paint
and gold leaf with red and blue pinstriping on the fenders. The
helmet design will be reproduced on the tank with only the
minor change of "Stone Free II" replacing "Stone Free" on the