1976 Harley-Davidson SS-250 Project
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The 1976 Harley-Davidson SS-250 project started out as an accident. Well at least that's my story and I'm
sticking to it. It was one of those "I bid for it on Ebay but didn't expect the bid to stand" but it did. It was
really a piece of junk when I got it to the point that I didn't even feel right about reselling it to some other
dumb idiot on Ebay. I didn't have time to do anything with it so it sat in the back of the garage for about
two years before a mutual friend introduced me to my current partner Matt. Matt loved to work on
motorcycles in his spare time as it relieved the stress he had from being a major participant in a
multinational corporation so he took on the project. The "rule" was that he should do whatever he would
do if it was his motorcycle and after three years (and way too much money) this was the final result.

I has been shown at numerous events around the Seattle area where it is greatly appreciated and in the
only two judged shows it's been in it won first place in both. The restoration, in simple terms, is
immaculate far beyond anything ever produced by Harley-Davidson. Every single detail was restored to
"beyond perfection" down to the point that even the flats of the bolt heads are all parallel to the ground.